Jourknow- Voice& Emotion Diary

Jourknow, an AI emotion diary/journal assistant, helps improve your emotions! When you talk to it, it will evaluate your mood and transcribe the text.

Whether you want to master emotions in personal growth, relationship, marriage, health, parenting, school, office, career, prayer, or to check the tone of your email/ speech/ document drafts, or to improve self-awareness of your day-to-day communication, talk to Jourknow anytime, anywhere!

Features -

- Emotion Detection

Jourknow evaluates the mood (joy, anger, sadness, dislike, fear) on each sentence of your diary.

- Speech to Text

You can mix use typing or just talk to Jourknow, it transcribes to text and saves it for you.

- Reports

You can view the visualization report of your emotion fluctuations and trend over time, statistics of your emotions, and more!

- Emotional Quotes

Jourknow detects your "emotional sentences" and manage them by categories and emotion intensity!

- Action Plan

Jourknow allows you to effectively grow by setting "Action Plans" to respond to your diaries!

- Reflections

When looking back to your previous diaries, you can add follow-up comments in retrospect.

- Tone Check

Worried about sending the wrong message? Use Jourknow to check your email/ speech/ document drafts and flag sentences that may convey unintended emotion, giving you more clarity as to what someone might feel when they receive it.

- Diary Management

You can see and manage all your past diaries color-coded by the mood!

Please share your feedback to help us improve the app! Write comments, send us a mail, share to others!

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